Old Vine Zinfandel

Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel makes a bold statement at first sip. Our quest for outstanding Zinfandel led us down a country road into the heart of Lodi, California revealing a sea of gnarled, 35 – 80 year-old vines pruned in a special, mop-topped way called “head trained”. True gnarly heads, these old vines yield fewer grape clusters with smaller berries than trellised vines. These mighty little berries produce intense, bold wines that are deep in color with concentrated dark fruit flavors.

Our Old Vine Zinfandel has a gnarly core of rich, dark berry flavors with layers of spice, plum, pepper and vanilla balanced by light hint of toasted oak. Break out a bottle Gnarly Old Vine Zin and pair with BBQ pork ribs, moms favorite Chili or steak fajitas.

Technical Data

Appellation California
Alcohol 14.5%
Total acid 0.57 g/100ml
Ph 3.66

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Notes and Parings

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  1. Scott Y'Deen says:

    I got really spoiled while overseas in the European theater. I could get my hands on small estate wineries from Italy and Spain. I am so glad I took the time to look for some kind of replacement for the wines that I have come to know and love from those regions. Your Old Vine Zin is awesome. I also like your Cab and Merlot. I have yet to try your Pinot Grigio but I am sure it will prove to be just as good as evey other wine you produce. As you know Georgia is not what I would call any kind of wine country but they try with the brand of grapes and vines they use. It is just not to my taste. It is tough to find the type of wine I have become accustomed to. So thanks again for putting my faith back into American vinters. Do you produce any Sangiovese or Grappa? Please let me know. Thanks and have a great day.

  2. Guntis says:

    I am a Zinfandel lover. Gnarly Head Zin is one of the best. I serve it at Thanksgiving from a carafe and EVERYBODY rants and raves(positive) at the combination of Turkey with a red wine. Try it. Of course, it is a very good sipping wine also. I live in New Orleans; we know our wines and how to drink. Sip sip. Guntis

  3. Eric says:

    One of the best Zinfandels I have ever tried. It’s price for quality is unmatched. I am a true fan of this wine for life.

  4. jagu says:

    I bought this randomly at BevMo the other day for a dinner party. Everyone loved it! It’s so tasty!!!

  5. Gordon says:

    This is my new favorite Zinfandel. Lots of fruit and spice and a sharp finish. A perfect food match for a grilled Delmonico steak with a blue cheese topping, which is what I had when first introduced to this wine by my son-n-law. A wise fellow he is.

  6. Jess says:

    This is my favorite red wine and I’ve gotten several friends and family members hooked on it too. It is so delicious! Love it.

  7. Steve says:

    What a tremendous wine! I enjoyed a bottle of Zinfandel last night. I lingered over each glass as if it were prime rib. It might as well have been, because the experience of enjoying
    your offering was memorable! Impeccable quality from start to finish. Thank you for being being distinctly unique!

  8. Simon says:

    Just opened a bottle of 2010 Zin and am astonished at the quality, maturity, and fruitiness of such a young wine. I am primarily a red wine drinker, preferring Zins, Merlots and Cabernets from California, and I truly believe I have now found the ultimate Zinfandel! Definitely one to put away for a few years. I’ll be buying some more, and recommend this Zin to everybody. THANK YOU!

  9. Teresa Adams says:

    …about to enjoy a glass now…AMAZING! Gnarly Head…please don’t ever stop making wine!

  10. Erica says:

    Just had the old vine zin and Chardonnay tonight for the first time, they are awesome. I don’t drink often so when I do I prefer light flavors. These wines were amazing especially compared to thier cost. I think I have a new favorite!

  11. Bob says:

    We’re confirmed Lodi zin lovers, and Gnarly Head is our house zin! Great wine at a great price, and has been consistently so over at least 3 years. The GH Cab and chardonnay are fighting with some much more pricey wines for the ‘house’ designation.
    Keep up the good (great?) work.

  12. John G says:

    Your old vine zin is special stuff . . . we 1st served it with my spicy, home-made chili, and it was a DEFINITE FAVORITE . . . it will certainly be ‘on the menu’ next time I make chili!

  13. Jesper Lodberg from Denmark says:

    I have taste over 300 different Zin’s and Gnarly Old Wine
    2010 is absolutly in my top 10 – it will always be
    a true member in my wine cellar. I just miss the
    taste should be longer time in my mouth, a little
    bit more power and it will go in as number one
    for me.
    Thank you for some fantastic wine.

    Love Jesper

  14. Anton says:

    Just opened a bottle of 2011 Zin, and now it’s my favorite of non-european wines. With great respect from Moscow, Russia!

  15. Sandy says:

    Can’t believe I am writing a love letter to a wine company, but your Old Vine Zin is fabulous. After my first glass, we went out and bought 3 more bottles. And the store was running low, so I know I’m on to something good. I can’t wait to try other varieties, but this Old Zin is now #1 in my book.

  16. Mike says:

    Discovered your wines on a whim..the name..i was very surprised by the quality and the depth of flavours from your Old Vine Zin….at the price its a truely awesome wine..keep up the excellent work!

  17. Ted says:

    Your Zinfandel is fabulous! I am relatively new to reds, and finding this one was a treat: dark and spicy, caramely, and with a wonderful finish. A wonderful wine, and a wonderful price, too. Thank you!

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