Pinot Noir

The Gnarly Head winemakers secretly call Pinot Noir “the heartbreak grape.” Notoriously difficult and challenging to grow and vinify, yet impossibly seductive on the palate, it takes a combination of daring winemaking skill and exceptional vineyards to wrest greatness from this alluring variety which we make in our own gnarly style.

Our Pinot Noir has voluptuous, sleek tannins and lush fruit with aromas and flavors of violet, black cherry and plum with hints of toasted oak, cigar box, earth and spice. Round up some friends, break out a bottle of Gnarly Pinot Noir and enjoy with grilled salmon, glazed pork ribs or roast turkey.

Technical Data

Appellation California
Alcohol 13.5%
Total acid 0.58 g/100ml
Ph 3.50

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Notes and Parings

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  1. Jodie says:

    Look what I found….supposed to be at HEB stores

  2. Oliver says:

    There is only one wine for me……and this is it. No more testing needed.

  3. This is my favorite wine to drink in the evenings.

  4. John Tycholiz says:

    Second bottle gone. Love your old vine zin..BUT, your Pinot,to me, finishes a bit sharp. By your own admission, it’s the heartbreak grape”. .Keep on keepin’ on. It’s a shame my dark ages state won’t let me have any wines shipped in;someday we’ll privatize and then let the good times roll!

  5. John says:

    Purchased a bottle from my local store because I had yet to try it, and it was very affordable. I have to say I’m in love. I’ve found my new Pinot Noir. Flavor is great, not too bitter, and I personally prefer it over other wines costing 2x,3x,4x as much.

  6. Trina says:

    Found the Pinot Noir by chance. Saw it was on sale, and thought I’d give it a try. Hardpressed to find any better for the price and better than some others that are more costly. One of my favorites!

  7. Eric says:

    Tried the Old Vine Zin, fell in love with the Pinot Noir…..another great wine by gnarly head you simply cannot go wrong with any of their offerings.

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